B.Sc. Index

Module nameCodeY/SOrganiser
Thermal and Kinetic PhysicsSPA52140/A
Mechanics and MaterialsSEF0050/A&BDr Richard Donnison
Fields and WavesSEF0060/BDr Alexander Polnarev
Electricity and Atomic PhysicsSEF0070/BDr Richard Donnison
From Newton to EinsteinSPA41161/AProf David Dunstan
Mathematical Techniques 1SPA41211/ADr Will Sutherland
Scientific MeasurementSPA41031/ADr Alston Misquitta
Waves and Oscillations SPA42171/ADr Kostya Trachenko
Study Skills for PhysicistsSPA40001/A&BProf Martin Dove
Electric and Magnetic FieldsSPA42101/BDr Chris White
Quantum PhysicsSPA42151/BDr Sanjaye Ramgoolam
Mathematical Techniques 2SPA41221/BDr Marcella Bona
Our UniverseSPA41011/BDr Izaskun Jimenez-Serra
Introduction to C++ ProgrammingSPA43211/BDr Jon Hays
Mathematical Techniques 3SPA52182/AProf Carl Murray
ThermodynamicsSPA52192/ADr Kevin Donovan
Nuclear Physics and AstrophysicsSPA53022/ADr Chris Clarkson
Quantum Mechanics ASPA53192/ADr Timothy Clifton
Planetary SystemsSPA52412/ADr Craig Agnor
Communication Skills for PhysicistsSPA50002/AProf Martin Dove
Condensed Matter ASPA52282/BDr Anthony Phillips
Physics LaboratorySPA52012/BDr John Dennis
Physical DynamicsSPA53042/BDr Masaki Shigemori
Electromagnetic Waves & OpticsSPA52222/BDr Kevin Donovan
Physics of Energy and the EnvironmentSPA52502/BDr John Dennis
StarsSPA53072/BDr David Tsiklauri
Physics of GalaxiesSPA63053/ADr David Tsiklauri
Spacetime and GravitySPA63083/AProf David Berman
Synoptic PhysicsSPA63003/ADr Eram Rizvi
Statistical Data AnalysisSPA63283/ADr Adrian Bevan
Quantum Mechanics BSPA64133/AProf Andreas Brandhuber
Fluid Dynamics SPA63103/ADr James Cho
Mathematical Techniques 4SPA63243/ADr Sanjaye Ramgoolam
Extended Independent ProjectSPA67763/A&BDr Craig Agnor
Physics Review ProjectSPA69133/A/BDr Craig Agnor
Elementary Particle PhysicsSPA63063/BDr Marcella Bona
Statistical PhysicsSPA64033/BDr Rodolfo Russo
Quantum Mechanics and SymmetrySPA63253/BProf Steve Thomas
Radiation Detectors SPA63093/BDr Teppei Katori
Physical Cosmology SPA63113/BDr Karim Malik
Group Project for Physicists SPA65433/BProf David Dunstan
Condensed Matter BSPA63123/BDr Andrei Sapelkin

Juno Champion

The school holds Juno Champion status, the highest award of this IoP scheme to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men.