MSci/MSc Module Index

Module nameCodeY/SOrganiser
Environmental Remote SensingINK7051U4/A
Differential Geometry in Theoretical PhysicsSPA7027U4/ADr Costis Papageorgakis
Relativistic Waves & Quantum FieldsSPA7018U4/AProf Gabriele Travaglini
Stellar Structure and EvolutionSPA7023U4/AProf Richard Nelson
Relativity and Gravitation SPA7019U4/ADr Timothy Clifton
CosmologySPA7005U4/ADr David Mulryne
Solar SystemSPA7022U4/AProf Carl Murray
Lie Groups and Lie AlgebrasINK7020U4/A
Theory of Complex NetworksINK7001U4/A
Elements of Statistical LearningINK7003U4/A
Dynamical Analysis of Complex SystemsINK7004U4/A
Mathematical Methods for Theoretical PhysicsINK7022U4/A
Physics at the NanoscaleINR7012U4/A
Computing and Statistical Data AnalysisINR7001U4/A
Particle Accelerator PhysicsINR7003U4/A
Superfluids, Condensates, and SuperconductorsINR7008U4/A
Advanced Quantum TheoryINU7001U4/A
Atom and Photon PhysicsINU7003U4/A
Particle PhysicsINU7017U4/A
Formation and Evolution of Stellar SystemsINU7046U4/A
Phase TransitionsSPA7013U4/AProf Martin Dove
Advanced Condensed MatterINK7067U4/A
Cellular BiosphysicsINK7068U4/A
Modelling Quantum Many-Body SystemsINU7016U4/A
Physics Research ProjectSPA7016U4/A&BDr Craig Agnor
Physics Investigative ProjectSPA7015U4/A/BDr Craig Agnor
An Introduction to Strings and BranesSPA7032U4/BProf David Berman
Advanced Quantum Field TheorySPA7001U4/BDr Sanjaye Ramgoolam
Advanced PhotonicsINK7048U4/B
Advanced Physical CosmologyINU7056U4/B
Quantum Electronics of NanostructuresINR7015U4/B
Advanced CosmologySPA7028U4/BDr Karim Malik
Collider PhysicsSPA7029U4/BDr Chris White
Supersymmetric Methods in Theoretical PhysicsSPA7031U4/BDr Matthew Buican
Extrasolar Planets and Astrophysical DiscsSPA7009U4/BDr Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
The GalaxySPA7010U4/BDr Nick Cooper
Astrophysical PlasmasSPA7004U4/BProf David Burgess
Electromagnetic Radiation in AstrophysicsSPA7006U4/BDr Guillem Anglada Escude
Equilibrium Analysis of Complex SystemsINK7002U4/B
Mathematical BiologyINK7005U4/B
Standard Model Physics and BeyondINK7032U4/B
String Theory and BranesINK7034U4/B
Theoretical Treatment of Nano-SystemsINK7037U4/B
Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceINR7002U4/B
Statistical MechanicsINR7007U4/B
Solar PhysicsINU7008U4/B
Molecular BiophysicsINU7013U4/B
Molecular PhysicsINU7014U4/B
Order and Excitations in Condensed MatterINU7016U4/B
Quantum Computation and CommunicationINU7022U4/B
Space Plasma and Magnetospheric PhysicsINU7026U4/B
Planetary AtmospheresINU7045U4/B
Electronic Structure MethodsSPA7008U4/BDr Alston Misquitta
Functional Methods in Quantum Field TheorySPA7024U4/BDr Rodolfo Russo
Advanced Topics in Statistical MechanicsINU7076U4/B

Juno Champion

The school holds Juno Champion status, the highest award of this IoP scheme to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men.