MSc Physics Course Information

For all three streams the programme consists of 120 credits of taught modules (chosen from the list of approved modules) taken during semesters 1 and 2 (and examined during the May/June examination period) and a compulsory 60 credit MSc Physics Research Project (SPA7016P) undertaken during semesters 2 and 3. The choice of MSc project determines the stream (Theoretical Physics, Particle Physics or Condensed Matter Physics), corresponding to the research group where the project is undertaken. In addition to the project determining the stream, there are compulsory taught modules within each stream. All students will be allocated an academic advisor as well as a project supervisor.

This is a one calendar year full-time MSc in Physics consisting of three streams:

Theoretical Physics,

Semester A

SPA7025P Advanced Topics in Classical Field Theory

SPA7018P Relativistic Waves & Quantum Fields

INK7022P Math Methods for Theoretical Physics (optional)

INU7001P Advanced Quantum Theory (optional)

Semester B

INR7007P Statistical Mechanics (optional)

SPA7001P Advanced Quantum Field Theory

SPA7024P Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory

Particle Physics

Semester A

SR INU7017P Particle Physics

SR INR7003P Particle Accelerator Physics

SR INR7001P Computing and Statistical Data

C SPA7018P Relativistic Waves & Quantum Fields

Semester B

SR INK7032P Standard Model Physics and Beyond

SR INK7035P Supersymmetry & Gauge Symmetry

C SPA7001P Advanced Quantum Field Theory

C SPA7019P Relativity and Gravitation


Condensed matter Physics

Semester A

C SPA7013P Phase Transitions

INR7012P Physics at the Nanoscale

INR7008P Superfluids, Condensates, and Superconductors

INU7003P Atom and Photon Physics

Semester B

C SPA7008P Electronic Structure Methods

INU7016P Order and Excitations in Condensed Matter

INK7048P Advanced Photonics

INK7037P Theoretical Treatment of Nano-Systems 

INR7007P Statistical Mechanics

INU7014P Molecular Physics 

All Semesters All Streams

C SPA7016P MSc Physics Research Project

Plus further modules, chosen from a list of approved modules. Although the streams are mainly distinguished by the 60 credit MSc project, there are also compulsory modules specified for each stream.

The majority of taught modules consist of three hour lecture blocks, with some modules incorporating substantial computer laboratory sessions. The project is undertaken within one of the three relevant research groups and uses computational, theoretical or laboratory methods as appropriate and may well involve additional, technical training. In all cases the project involves weekly one to one meetings with the supervisor.

C = Compulsory

SR = Strongly Recommended