You said, we listened..

Feedback from PGR students is strongly encouraged.  Please come along to the PGR Student Forum which runs three times a year.  Jessie Durk is your PGR representative.

PRES 2015

Launched in 2007, the HEA's biennial Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES) is the only sector-wide survey to gather insight from postgraduate research students about their learning and supervision experience.  Feedback gathered during PRES enables QMUL to identify areas of strength, and also those areas which can be improved, to enhance the overall experience of the Postgraduate Student.

You Said: Email a list of potential (career) opportunities, every week if possible..
You Said: (Send out) a monthly email listing upcoming courses
You Said: Stop sending blanket emails

We Did: Create a weekly Bulletin email, containing career opportunities, internships and training courses which are geared specifically towards SPA PhD students

PGR Student Forum

You said: Extra ancillary training for Demonstrators and Markers is needed
We did: Lay on sessions at the start of term in 2016/17, and made them available to everyone, not just new Demonstrators and Markers.  Further sessions will be held early in 2017.

You said: Update and formalise the way homework and exercises are developed to take into account increased workload
We did: Reduce the number of scripts per hour from 6 to 5