Pale Red Dot wins Guardian University Award for Research Impact

At a ceremony on 28 March it was announced that Queen Mary University of London has won the prestigious Guardian University Award for Research Impact, for the Pale Red Dot campaign which culminated in the discovery of a planet in orbit around Proxima Centauri, the nearest star to the Solar System. Pale Red Dot was a web-based public outreach campaign that provided a unique insight into the process behind the science. A collaboration between QMUL and the European Southern Observatory (ESO), whose telescopes played a vital role in collecting the highly accurate data needed, the Pale Red Dot campaign brought progress reports, blog posts and exciting images to a global public audience.  Dr Guillem Anglada Escude, the QMUL astronomer who led the science team that made the discovery, was on hand to receive the award, accompanied by representatives of the outreach and media teams in QMUL and ESO. Read the full story here.