New Staff

New Staff

The School of Physics and Astronomy, Queen Mary, University of London, is pleased to announce the following new lecturers from 2012/13: Dr Brian Wecht (from Harvard), Dr Jon Hays (from Imperial College), and Dr Tim Clifton (from Oxford). Ms Susan Benedict also joins us from Maths as our new Teaching Administrator.

Academic Staff

Brian Wecht Brian Wecht joins the Centre for Research in String Theory in August 2012. Brian, currently at Harvard, works on supersymmetric gauge theories and string theory, including superconformal field theories, scattering amplitudes, supersymmetry breaking, quiver theories and string compactifications.
Jon Hays joins the Particle Physics Research Centre in September 2012. Jon is currently at Imperial College and works on the CMS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider and will be moving over to the ATLAS experiment with the PPRC.
Tim Clifton joined the Astronomy Unit in April 2012 from Oxford. Tim, who currently holds an STFC Advanced Fellowship, works on gravitational physics and cosmology, understanding dark energy, and investigating theories of gravity that may lead to a universe that appears to expand at an accelerating rate.


Professional and Technical Staff

Susan Benedict joined us in March 2012 as our new School Administrative Officer. Susan was previously Administrative Officer (Teaching and Student Support) in the School of Mathematical Sciences.


Prof. W.J. Spence
Head of School