PhD Projects

The following is only an indicative list of possible research topics. Other topics are possible and should be discussed with a supervisor. Supervisor contact details can be found here.

Project Title Supervisor
Measurement of the Drell-Yan cross section Eram Rizvi
Search for Z&; resonances. Eram Rizvi
Search for micro black hole production at the LHC Eram Rizvi
Measurement of low mass dimuon pairs Eram Rizvi
Study of rare B decays at ATLAS Marcella Bona
Measurement of the mass hierarchy. Francesca Di Lodovico
Measurement of CP violation. Francesca Di Lodovico
Study of the muon into electron neutrino appearance. Francesca Di Lodovico
Measurement of neutrino cross sections at the near detector ND280 Francesca Di Lodovico
Study of Sterile Neutrinos Francesca Di Lodovico
Atmospheric and astrophysical neutrinos to look for new physics in IceCube experiment Teppei Katori
Studies of neutrino interactions and new physics search in T2K experiment Teppei Katori
Analysis: Zero Neutrino Double Beta Decay Search at SNO+ Jeanne Wilson
ATLAS silicon tracker (ITk) upgrade Adrian Bevan
Radiation hard CMOS pixel technology studies Adrian Bevan
New understanding of liquid and supercritical states of matter Kostya Trachenko, Prof Martin Dove
Early universe physics Karim Malik, David Mulryne
Foundations of relativistic cosmology Timothy Clifton
Frontiers of precision cosmology Timothy Clifton, Karim Malik
Planetary formation and migration Richard Nelson
Collisional Evolution of Planets and Satellites Craig Agnor
Dynamics of Saturn&;s rings Carl Murray
Dynamics of Atmospheres and Interiors of Planets and Stars James Cho
Space and astrophysical plasma physics David Burgess, David Tsiklauri
Solar plasma physics David Burgess, David Tsiklauri
Survey Astronomy Will Sutherland
Solar and Stellar Physics Dr Sergei Vorontsov
Applications of compactified String Theory to early Universe Cosmology Steve Thomas
Scattering amplitudes and novel approaches to field theory Andreas Brandhuber, Bill Spence, Gabriele Travaglini
Liquid Scintillator low energy solar neutrino studies Jeanne Wilson
Anti-neutrino signals at SNO+ Jeanne Wilson
Generalised Geometry in M-theory David Berman
Exact results in D≥4 Supersymmetric Field Theories Costis Papageorgakis
Microscopic Physics of Black Holes in String theory Masaki Shigemori, Rodolfo Russo
Planet formation by gravitational instabilities Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
Dust-gas interactions and the signatures of planets in discs Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
Disc-planet interactions in non-isothermal discs Sijme-Jan Paardekooper
Combinatorics and representation theory in CFT and AdS/CFT Sanjaye Ramgoolam
Search for the Higgs Boson in its decay to b-quarks Jon Hays
T2K and HyperK sensitivity studies and cross-section measurements Jeanne Wilson
Applications of machine learning to Higgs physics Adrian Bevan
Search for Higgs Boson Decays to muons Eram Rizvi
Applications and extensions of exceptional field theory David Berman
Topological Fluid Dynamics James Cho
Geometric Algebra in Astrophysics James Cho
Astrometry of Saturn&;s satellites Carl Murray
Precision spectroscopy for detection and characterization of nearby Earth analogs Guillem Anglada Escude
New generation of ultra-stable instruments for exoplanet studies Guillem Anglada Escude
Giant Planet Migration in the Solar System Craig Agnor
Study of high energy neutrinos in Super- and Hyper-Kamiokande experiments Teppei Katori
Detector development Adrian Bevan
High Precision Electroweak Tests Of The Standard Model Eram Rizvi
Searching for new physics with top quarks Christopher White
Next-to-soft radiation at the LHC Christopher White
QCD meets gravity Christopher White
Glycine in the Galactic Center Izaskun Jimenez-Serra
Relativistic cosmology in the era of large scale surveys Chris Clarkson
Supersymmetry searches with the ATLAS detector Marcella Bona
Dark matter searches with the ATLAS detector Marcella Bona
Interrogating the dynamics of conjugated polymers using neutron scattering and molecular dynamics Christian Nielsen
Search for Magnetic Monopoles Adrian Bevan, Jon Hays
Associated Higgs and Z boson production Ulla Blumenschein
Production of a Z boson in association with b and c quarks Ulla Blumenschein
Search for supersymmetric partnes of bottom quarks Ulla Blumenschein
Search for a heavy CP-odd Higgs boson Ulla Blumenschein
Spacecraft Measurements of Plasma Turbulence and Instabilities Christopher Chen
Hybrid organic - silicon lasers for telecommunications William Gillin
Electrical and optical characterisation of perovskite LED materials William Gillin
New approaches to thermal-to-electrical energy conversion Mark Baxendale
Flexibility under pressure: measuring magnetic excitations in framework materials Anthony Phillips
Hybrid perovskites for energy harvesting and other electrical applications Anthony Phillips
Next generation Na battery materials Alan Drew
Measuring molecular excited states with spatial and temporal resolution Alan Drew
Structure and optical properties of carbon quantum dots Andrei Sapelkin
Quantum dot based super-resolution microscopy Andrei Sapelkin
New Structures in Quantum Field Theory Matthew Buican
Scattering Amplitudes and Ambitwistor Strings Ricardo Monteiro
Gravity as a Double Copy of Gauge Theory Ricardo Monteiro
Hunting for dark energy with upcoming cosmological surveys Alkistis Pourtsidou
Theory meets data: modelling non-linear scales for dark energy experiments Alkistis Pourtsidou
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