Project Supervisor Selection 2017/18

Project Supervisor Selection 2017/18

The project selection process for 2017/18 process is now open and students currently in their second year (all students) and third year (MSci students only) are asked to read through the abstracts and complete the form to list their preferred supervisor.  Students are required to list 8 different supervisors in the form.  After the exam board meets projects will be allocated based on student marks and programme of study requirements.  The deadline for completing the form is 14th June 2017

If you do not complete project selection by 14th June you will be allocated a supervisor from the remaining supervisor slots that are still available. This year there are just over 240 students that need to have projects allocated.  Each academic can have no more than 5 students and some may have fewer students depending on their other workload (such as teaching, research grants and administration roles).  Therefore we are unlikely to be able to give most students their first choice of supervisor, so please make considered choices for each of your 8 potential supervisors. If you list the same academic more than once the entry will be deleted an another choice will be made on your behalf. 

Your project choice must be linked to your degree programme if you are on one of the specialist programmes.  So BSc/MSci Astrophysics students must take an astrophysics project, Physics with Particle Physics students must take a particle physics projects and Theoretical Physics students must take a theoretically based project (though this could be a theoretical condensed matter project or a theoretical astronomy project, such as a cosmology project).  If you have any questions about whether a project is suitable for a certain programme please get in contact with the Programme Organiser (Astrophysics - Craig Agnor, Physics with Particle Physics - Jon Hays, Theoretical Physics - Rodolfo Russo), telling them which project you want to do so that they can tell you if it is suitable for your programme. 

We encourage students to talk to potential supervisors before submitting their choices.  The form has a section to indicate if you have spoken to a particular member of staff about their project.  You are more likely to be allocated a supervisor if you have agreed the project with a supervisor in advance of the allocation. Even if you agree a project with a supervisor you must still list 8 different supervisors in the choice form, as sometimes staff circumstances will change (e.g grant buyout, sabbaticals etc).

To read through the abstracts please click on the research group and then read through the abstracts by staff member.  Some academics will have a different project listed for each project type and some will have one abstract that covers all projects. The abstracts are indicative of the projects offered by each academic and once you have been allocated a supervisor the exact nature of the project will be decided by your supervisor.  

Centre for Condensed Matter and Material Physics abstracts

Particle Physics Research Centre abstracts 

Astronomy Unit abstracts (note, many projects are appropriate for students on the Theoretical Physics programmes)

Centre for Research in String Theory abstracts

Once you have read through the abstracts and decided on which eight supervisors you wish to select, please fill in the PROJECT SUPERVISOR SELECTION FORM.  This is now closed for 2017/18 projects and the link has been deactiviated.

There is one project that is independent from the named supervisors as it has multiple supervisors - the observational astronomy projects.  You will see that there is a separate entry for this on the selection form. 

The deadline for choosing your 8 potential supervisors is 14th June. 

Juno Champion

The school holds Juno Champion status, the highest award of this IoP scheme to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men.