Students take 120 credits a year. Students must take compulsory modules indicated by a "C" in the table below. Students then select from optional modules (indicated by an "O") to meet the 120 credits they a required to take each year. In some cases students may be permitted by their advisor to take modules from other years or modules from other Schools at Queen Mary.

Physics with Particle Physics (BSc, F392)

Year 1, Semester A

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA4116From Newton to Einstein15Compulsory
SPA4121Mathematical Techniques 115Compulsory
SPA4103Scientific Measurement15Compulsory

Year 1, Semester B

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA4210Electric and Magnetic Fields15Compulsory
SPA4321Introduction to C++ Programming15Compulsory
SPA4122Mathematical Techniques 215Compulsory
SPA4215Quantum Physics15Compulsory

Year 2, Semester A

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA5000Communication Skills for Physicists0Compulsory
SPA5302Nuclear Physics and Astrophysics15Compulsory
SPA5319Quantum Mechanics A15Compulsory
SPA5218Mathematical Techniques 315Elective
SPA5241Planetary Systems15Elective

Year 2, Semester B

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA5228Condensed Matter A15Compulsory
SPA5222Electromagnetic Waves & Optics15Compulsory
SPA5201Physics Laboratory15Compulsory
SPA4101Our Universe15Elective
SPA5304Physical Dynamics15Elective
SPA5250Physics of Energy and the Environment15Elective

Year 3, Semester A

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA6306Elementary Particle Physics15Compulsory
SPA6776Extended Independent Project30Compulsory
SPA6413Quantum Mechanics B15Compulsory
SPA6328Statistical Data Analysis15Compulsory
SPA6300Synoptic Physics0Compulsory
SPA6310Fluid Dynamics 15Elective
SPA6324Mathematical Techniques 415Elective
SPA6305Physics of Galaxies15Elective
SPA6308Spacetime and Gravity15Elective

Year 3, Semester B

Physics CodeCourse NameCreditsType
SPA6776Extended Independent Project30Compulsory
SPA6309Radiation Detectors 15Compulsory
SPA6403Statistical Physics15Compulsory
SPA6312Condensed Matter B15Elective
SPA6543Group Project for Physicists 15Elective
SPA6311Physical Cosmology 15Elective
SPA6325Quantum Mechanics and Symmetry15Elective

Juno Champion

The school holds Juno Champion status, the highest award of this IoP scheme to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men.