Information for 4th Year MSci & MSc Students 2016/17


This section of the student handbook contains information for final year MSci and MSc Physics students. Please get into the habit of checking the SPA Intercollegiate Information page on QMplus as this contains the most current information and updates.

The Intercollegiate Programme is run across four universities (QMUL, UCL, KCL and RHUL) and allows you to choose from a wide range of modules that would otherwise be unavailable to you. Please see the tabs below to find out more about the Intercollegiate Programme.

Teaching Term Dates

The term dates for the MSci/MSc are slightly different to the BSc term dates as there is no Reading Week and classes run for 11 weeks straight.  In 2016/17, the term dates are as follows:

Semester A -
QMUL, KCL, RHUL & UCL: 26 September - 09 December 2016
UCL: 03 October - 16 December 2016

Semester B -
QMUL, KCL, RHUL & UCL: 09 January - 24 March 2017
Revision Week* - 24 April - 28 April 2017
Exam period* - 2nd May to 09th June 2017

*Please be aware that other colleges' revision week and exam period may be slightly different. They will inform you of their sessions if you are registered with them.

Registration Procedure

You will need to submit registration forms for your chosen modules for each intercollegiate college that you will be attending, including Queen Mary. This is in addition to registering for your modules on MySIS.

Please return all your completed forms (available on QMplus) to Jess Henry in the School Admin Office by 5pm Friday 7th October 2016. Remember to list all your selected modules on the Queen Mary registration form, not just the Queen Mary modules. 

All MSc registration forms must be authorised by Dr Rodolfo Russso the academic contact for the MSc programme. 
All MSci registration forms must be authorised by Prof Steve Thomas the academic contact for the MSci programme.

Completed registration forms will be passed onto the relevant intercollegiate college(s) for processing. They will be countersigned by representatives at the appropriate intercollegiate college, so you do not need to worry about organising that. Please note if you do not complete your registrations, you will not be entered for the examinations. All your registered modules will appear on MySIS. Please check that your registration is correct, if there are any anomalies please contact Jess Henry.

Once you have been registered onto a course at another institution, they will email your QMUL account to inform you of how to access their online materials and where to obtain your ID card etc.

Module Details

Please refer to the MSci Module Handbook for a full list of modules and lecturers (correct as of 19/09/2016)

Timetable and Class Locations

SEMESTER A  (correct as of 19/09/2016)

RHUL modules taught at UCL will be held in these locations

SEMESTER B (correct as of 10/01/2017)
Please note, this academic year Queen Mary is providing personalised timetables to students via QMplus. Modules run by Queen Mary will appear on your timetable, however modules run by other intercollegiate colleges will not. Please ensure you consult the on-line timetable when it is available, as it is your responsibility to ensure you are aware when all of your lectures are running

University Locations

Examination Arrangements

Intercollegiate colleges forward their examination timetables to the Assistant Academic Registrar for Examination and Awards at Queen Mary, who will then add these to your personal timetable on MySIS. All students should ensure that they have received a copy of their examination timetable and accompanying notes from either Queen Mary or the attending institutions to illustrate all examination dates and information.

Please note, some intercollegiate module examinations may not appear on the Queen Mary SIS timetables as they may fall outside of Queen Mary's examination period.

Queen Mary students will sit Queen Mary and Royal Holloway examinations at Queen Mary. University College London examinations will be sat at University College London, King's College examinations will be sat at King's College.

QMplus Links

Semester A modules

SPA7018 Relativistic Waves & Quantum Fields

SPA7019 Relativity and Gravitation

SPA7023 Stellar Structure and Evolution

SPA7005 Cosmology

SPA7022 Solar System

SPA7013 Phase Transitions

SPA7025 Advanced Topics in Classical Field Theory


Semester B modules

SPA7009 Extrasolar Planets and Astrophysical Discs

SPA7010 The Galaxy

SPA7004 Astrophysical Plasmas

SPA7006 Electromagnetic Radiation in Astrophysics

SPA7001 Advanced Quantum Field Theory

SPA7008 Electronic Structure Methods

SPA7024 Functional Methods in Quantum Field Theory


Juno Champion

The school holds Juno Champion status, the highest award of this IoP scheme to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage better practice for both women and men.