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Academic year 2017-2018

Come inside our lab... or even a black hole (March) highlights our Work Experience programme and next public lecture.

Physics Taster Courses (February) sign up to our various taster days this Summer.

Masterclasses now available (November) allows you to book our Particle Physics Masterclasses as well as our Physics at University workshops.

Academic year 2016-2017

Star-gazing and -sounding (March) features our public Stargazing evening and Space Sound Effects film competition as well as how to apply for Work Experience and Taster Courses.

Merry Space-mas (December) offers up the last Cassini Scientist for a Day competition and a public talk on our discovery of  Proxima b.

Particles and Waves (November) highlights our Particle Physics Masterclasses, trial EM spectrum workshop and Physics at University sessions.

Physics Workshops, Talks & Videos (September) features the nanotechnology, materials research, the LHC and Pokemon... amongst other Physics outreach opportunities.

Academic year 2015-2016

Gravitational Waves & Lightsabers (February) contains a brief update of our British Science Week public lecture and YouTube videos.

Particles and Planets (February) highlights our next public lecture, exoplanet blog as well as summer courses for students.

From CERN to Saturn (November), the forthcoming new year offers up the UK Cassini Scientist for a Day competition, particle physics masterclasses and public lectures as well as talks on hoverboards and career options with Physics.

A Neutrino News Flash (October) tying in with the Nobel Prize win for neutrino oscillations and the chance to sign up for our space research projects.

Our "Back to School" edition (September) highlights public lectures on exoplanets and general relativity as well as the chance to hear about cosmic dust in your school and undertake your own space research!