Grenville Davey

Grenville Davey has been working with the School of Physics and Astronomy since December 2010 when he took up a six-months residence. His long-term sculptural interests have often been drawn to relational works where pairs or families of works show a relation; as such he was drawn to the research of Dr David Berman. Dr Berman's research has focused on making the hidden symmetries of string theory manifest and in doing so using a generalised geometric framework. This idea resonated with Davey's practice as an artist and has resulted in a long-term collaboration.

The work has focused strongly on symmetries: how they may be broken, how they become made manifest and how they may be hidden?

The work with Dr Berman has been shown at the FSA in Canary Wharf, the Isaac Newton Institute in Cambridge and the Testbed Gallery in Battersea, and there is a planned exhibition at the Chelsea Space in April 2014. You can read about the work and the collaboration in the article here.


"Symmetry Breaking"- a pair in cast iron with zinc oxide treatment followed by salt water and lots of time.





"Generalised Geometry"- a pair in aged oak with the equations burnt into the wood using a pyropen. All the equations are from the paper: "Generalized Geometry and M-theory", by Berman and Perry.