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Postgraduate Open Evening

Our Postgraduate Open Evening will give you the chance to find out more about the world-class facilities and teaching at Queen Mary, University of London.

Come and discover the many benefits and opportunities you can experience as a Queen Mary postgraduate student.


Prospective masters and research students attending the event will be able to:

Undergraduate Virtual Open Day

Join us for the School of Physics and Astronomy Undergraduate Virtual Open Day this Wednesday 4th December. This will be the perfect opportunity for you to find out more about our BSc programmes through live web chat with Prof Francesca Di Lodovico, our Director of Admissions and Natasha Chappell, the Student Support Officer; as well as our current students.

Postdoctoral position in CRST

The School of Physics and Astronomy at Queen Mary, University of London has been awarded funding for a Postdoctoral Research Assistant position in the CRST.

Quantum: a journey through the Standard Model

Our very own Dr David Berman will deliver the keynote lecture for the exhibition “Quantum, A journey through The Standard Model”.  The exhibition involves 11 artists who have grappled with the mind-bending ideas behind modern physics with some unexpected outcomes. The exhibition is a visual conversation between the participating artists about The Standard Model of Particle Physics through a diversity of disciplines.

Maths/Physics Dialogue

We have started a series of Maths/Physics seminars at the interfaces of theoretical physics with mathematics.

Story Collider at the Inside Out Festival

Brian Wecht from the Centre for Research in String Theory will be hosting one of his Story Collider events this week, Thursday 24 October, as part of the Culture Capital Exchange's "Inside Out" Festival. This event is a part of an ongoing outreach project started by Brian a few years ago in New York and features a variety of people telling true stories about their experiences with science.

Dr David Berman at the Inside Out Festival

Nothing succeeds like Success. Or so we’re told. So bombarded are we by stories and images of successful people, products, projects and places that we can actually forget that Failure really does exist.

Discovery of different regimes in supercritical fluids

Our researchers in the Centre for Condensed Matter and Materials Physics in the School have discovered surprising properties of supercritical fluids: substances at a temperature and pressure above the critical point, which is the point at which there are no phase boundaries between the liquid and gas phases.

QMUL hosts CRIM 2013

CCMMP at Queen Mary are hosting Current Research in Magnetism (CRIM), with support from the Materials Research Institute and the IOP Magnetism Group.

Successful Launch of the Materials Research Institute

Professor Jeremy Kilburn (Vice-Principal for Science and Engineering) and Professor Martin Dove (Director) launched the Materials Research Institute at Queen Mary on Monday the 15th April 2013.

The afternoon consisted of talks from Queen Mary academics and internationally-acclaimed experts, who presented recent developments in the area of materials research.

Dr Tom Whyntie on the beginning of the universe

How did the universe begin -- and how is it expanding? Our visiting academic, Dr Tom Whyntie, shows how cosmologists and particle physicists explore these questions by replicating the heat, energy, and activity of the first few seconds of our universe, from right after the Big Bang.

Celebrating International Women's Day

8 March is International Women’s Day, giving us an opportunity to celebrate the impressive achievements of the women in our School, and the recognition the School has received for creating a supportive workplace for both sexes.  Today sees the launch of our new Hemera Scholarship that will support a female undergraduate applicant from a family or societal background in which women h

Junk the Jargon

On Wednesday 27 February, ten PhD students from QM competed in the annual Junk the Jargon competition. Junk the Jargon challenges participants to communicate their research topic in an engaging and fun way to a broad audience - in just three minutes.

Juno Practitioner Status

The School of Physics and Astronomy is pleased to announced that it has been awarded Juno Practitioner status by the Institute of Physics. The aim of Juno is to recognise and reward departments that can demonstrate they have taken action to address the under-representation of women in university physics and to encourage

Queen Mary Physics and Astronomy Ball

The PsiStar committee has been working tirelessly on putting together a big celebratory event to recognise the hard work of everyone within the department; undergraduates, postgraduates, and staff alike. As a result we are pleased to announce the inaugural Queen Mary Physics and Astronomy Ball which will take place on 1st March this year at the Ecology Pavilion in Mile End Park (less than a 5 minute walk from campus).

Mini-jets make the Top 10!

Work carried out by planetary scientists in the Astronomy Unit has been chosen as one of the Top 10 Science Highlights of NASA's Cassini mission in 2012.  Nick Attree, Carl Murray, Nick Cooper and Gareth Williams reported their work on trails, or "mini-jets", in Saturn's peculiar F ring in April 2012.  The image was taken with Cassini's narrow angle camera just after the spacecraft entered orbit around Saturn on 1 July 2004.

Millenium Maths Project award

Dr David Berman has been awarded an STFC grant of  £10,000 to support a collaboration with the Millennium Mathematics Project in Cambridge to develop web resources for schools.