Topolski Mural

Feliks Topolski RA [1907 - 1989] produced a number of noted murals apart from a wide diversity of other work. The murals included the Cavalcade of Commonwealth (20 x 7 meters) for the Festival of Britain, 1951 and Coronation of Elizabeth II (33 x 1.3 meters) covering both walls of the corridor to the State Apartments in Buckingham Palace, 1959.

He was invited to the Department by GO Jones to produce a modern mural to balance the Leonardo da Vinci in the entrance hall. While here he made a number of sketches of life in the Department on whiteboards, including his early thoughts about the mural he was to produce.

"Topolski ... an astonishing draughtsman, perhaps the greatest of all the impressionists in black and white."
- Bernard Shaw