Archive Photographs - Sports

Sport in the Department

Picture 1.
College versus Graduates cricket match 1949
Picture 2.
'The Ashes' July 1961
l to r back: DH Martin, ? ? D Bloor, ? ? ? ?
front: A Ashmore ? ? W Eagers, ? ?
Picture 3.
Technical staff football team, about 1966/7
l to r back: Sylvanus Shyllon, Keith Nickels, Pete Jaggs, ? ? Colin Hotston.
front: Terry Storey, Mike Coughtrey ? ? John Osborne
Picture 4.
Postgraduate Pickled Egg Eating Competition 1966
Giles 17, Burdett 9, Eatwell 20.

Netball Departmental Ladies versus Gents about 1973


Picture 5.
l to r: ? Graham Martin, Nigel O'Dell, Dave Ando, ? Paddy Farress, David Stone, Kathy Stapleton, John Osborne.
Picture 6.
l to r: ? Hillary Wilson, Graham Martin, David Stone, Paddy Farress, Terry Pritchard, Kathy Stapleton, Chris Freeman.
Picture 7.
l to r: ? John Osborne, Hilary Wilson, Chris Freeman, Terry Pritchard, Kathy Stapleton, ?
Picture 8.
l to r: Nigel O'Dell, Kathy Stapleton, ? David Ando, John Osborne, Graham Martin
Picture 9.
l to r: Hilary Wilson, John Osborne, Nigel O'Dell, Dave Ando
Picture 10.
l to r: Chris Freeman, Dave Ando, Helen Koski, Graham Martin, ? Hilary Wilson
Picture 11.
l to r: Kathy Stapleton, Nigel O'Dell, David Bonsor, Chris Freeman, John Osborne

Department Football Team, early 1970s


Picture 12.
l to r back: Sylvanus Shyllon, John Osborne, Keith Nickels, Dave Bloor, ? Ian Robson.
l to r front: Fred Preston, David Stone, Nigel O'Dell, ?, Dave Ando.

Staff versus Students Rugby Match, 1988


Picture 13.
l to r staff: Tim John, Andy Hartwill, Nigel Cronin, Jeanette Nelson, xxx Yeung, Peter Clegg, Dave Bloor, Ken Wood, Neil Cade, Ian Robson
Picture 14.
Staff Team.
l to r back:David Walker, Ken Wood, Dave Bloor, Nick Poole, Andy Hartwill, Neil Cade, Glenn White, Ian Chalmers, Matt Griffin.
l to r front: Jeanette Nelson, Carey Adams, xxx Yeung, Ian Robson, Nigel Cronin
Picture 15.
Student Team